Decluttering-Part 1: Clothing

It’s not always easy getting rid of your belongings. Even if, like me, most of the things you own are second hand. I like thrift shopping, what can I say? Anyway, with this big decluttering project we have going on in preparation for the little house, I did some googling around and found a great free printable Decluttering Checklist on I instantly broke the rule and started with section 2; cookbooks, but then I hit up the first part; Clothing. Hubby, Baby and I all headed up to the master bedroom, plopped the wee tot on the bed where she had a blast playing with my bras (better than any toy I could buy her!) and got to work. We made 5 categories: Keep, donate, sell, garage sale, garbage. The difference between garage sale and sell is that whatever goes to the garage sale are random bits and bobs like hats, scarves, jackets, things I don’t mind parting with for a buck or two. Sell, is the more valuable things like all my maternity cloths, brand new nursing bras that went from too small to too big before I got a chance to wear them, and hubbies gorgeous winter coat that is in no way handy for our winters or lifestyle.

I was impressed with how well we worked, even remembering to go through the totes where I stored away winter stuff! We downsized significantly! It’s amazing how easy and pleasant it is to get dressed when you can go to your closet, open the pants drawer and grab the first thing on the pile, knowing that you A- Like it and B- It fits! From there, all I had to do was grab any coordinated top and I was set to go, because again, I knew that A- I liked it and B- It fit! It’s pretty great! Who knew!

Next up; Books. This one should tear my soul out.


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