Demo derby continues!

Hello November! As winter approaches, interior demolition continues at the little house by the river! Tuesday, we sent the little peep squeak to her Grandmas so we could get into some of the filthy work; insulation, sawing and more wallpaper removal. Like…18 layers or wallpaper removal-.- Dirty work, it is, but I quite enjoy peeling away layers to reveal very old trends! I fell in love with 2 different patterns; the first, as pictured below is of different farm scenery, the other, of little Victorian era scenes( lady and a man, man in a carriage, man and a lady with a small dog, all dressed in flowy gowns and fancy get-ups). Though they are lovely to look at, I can’t say I would ever pick them as wallpaper! Busy, busy!


Selfie with 70+years of wallpaper!

While I tore off wallpaper and ohh’d and ahh’d at all the prints I found, hubby got busy sawing down the wall between the living room and dining room. We are opening up the small doorway to make for a more open concept, allowing for more light and heat to circulate. As of right now, the opening is there, now we just need to do a little restructuring as we need to remove a support beam. The best part? The Mister found a letter in the wall and an old newspaper dated February 21st, 1946! Special coink-y-dink, it’s babies bday some 70 years ago!

The letter actually turned out to just be a child’s gibberish, but still cool!!


With only a couple of hours of work, we got a noticeable amount done and were happy to wrap things up and go get our smiley little bum! Looking forward to the next session!


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