Garden dreams

Today was a nice warm day for November! The sun was shining and it was 9 degrees (celcius), so we packed up the vehicles and headed over to the Little House. It was too nice to spend much time working inside, so we did some outdoor stuff. The Mister started a fire and we burned some old wood from the house, and branches and brush we’ve been clearing. He fired up the chainsaw and we finally took some of the big old dead branches off the apple tree. While he worked on that and the fire, I began clearing away next to the garden shed where I plan to have my greenhouse. Looks like I’m not the only genius on the block either; under all the dead leaves and tall grass were old broken garden pots, plant markers, and bits and bobs of garden ”kitschery” . When the wee one woke up, I put out a large blanket for her to play on, but she has begun crawling so it took about .5 seconds for her to make her way off the blanket and into the leaves. I would have been fine with that, if only it were not for A- the fact that it’s THE.WORST year for ticks and B- The fact that she just loves munching on leaves! Into the confines she went!


I don’t typically carry her facing out because I’m not actually sure it’s meant to carry a child facing outward, and because she weighs an absolute ton, but today she was very lively and I knew she would much prefer be right up in the action. It was quite the challenge, trying to rake while the wee one kicked her legs in delight and tried to grab the rake handle to ”help mommy”, but we got some of it done. As any good mommy would, I soon found myself ditching the rake and ”galloping” around the yard as she squealed and giggled, flailing her arms and legs every which way. Oh my heart <3. And oh my back :S

When we finally decided to call it a day, all the shrubbery was gone from the future-greenhouse location and my mind was swimming with ideas! I’ll need to sit down and put my dreaming onto paper. I’m so excited to get this garden started!


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