Fresh air and sunshine

Nothing makes a baby sleep like some good old fresh air and sunshine! While we had a very cold night(-20), today the sun was shining and it didn’t feel cold at all! Apparently it was still -11, but it really didn’t feel that way. When the Mister came home from work around mid day, we had lunch and then got ready to go outside, him to clear the driveway some more before the next snowfall, Baby Bells and I to snowshoe! We all bundled up nice and warm and hoisted the little munchkin up onto my back in her Bebamour carrier. Thank goodness for the Stonz booties we got off someone this fall, we tucked them inside her snow pants and they were nice and secure on her little feet, anything else would have fallen off before we made it to the edge of our yard.  Once she was all fastened onto my back, we went outside and Papa helped me into my snowshoes and off we went! We did not go far at all, but it was so nice!

We packed a trail around the outer edges of the yard and down into the front field before heading back to pack a trail toward the back field. Much to the dismay of our little dog, we didn’t actually tackled the back field, I had had the brilliant idea to play horse and ”trot” the last loop around the front field and I was really starting to feel the burn haha! Anyway, after about an hour of outside fun, we came back in and made hot chocolate and a bottle of milk and headed upstairs to get ready for nap time. It took her a surprisingly long time to go down for her nap considering how drowsy she looked, but now she has been asleep for well over a half hour( her usual max) snuggled up with her little lion man.

I really need to make a point of getting outside with her more often and for longer than just a little trip to the chicken coop and back! It’s fresh air and sunshine is great for both of us and the exercise is an added bonus for me since I’m the one carrying/pulling/pushing her, depending on the days and her ”mode of transportation” ha!



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