Being parents

Being a parent is not always easy. People have opinions and like to share them openly. Thankfully, I am blissfully unaware most days, but still I see, read and hear things that can sometimes creep into the deep depths of my mind and make me have some self doubt about my parenting skills.

Today however, I made a nice supper while my Littles scooted around the floor with mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and some flour. I could hear the biggest opinionated person in my life cringe in my mind, but I shrugged it off because I didn’t care that the flour was getting everywhere or that she was playing with something that was not a high tech blinking toy(therefore it must be dangerous). By the time Daddy got home and supper was ready, Littles had flour cakes to the knees of her pants and a huge smile on her face. She had explored and discovered, she had wiggled her little fingers through a new texture and even tasted plain flour. Mmh. So good.

After supper, before we headed up for a bath, Daddy sat the Littles in a cardboard box, picked it and her up and proceeded to pretend she was in an airplane as they “ran” around the dining room table Brr-ming and Eeeek-ing and chasing me along. I looked back as I ‘ran away’ and saw the biggest smiles on both their faces. The sheer joy on her filthy, well fed and played out little face. My heart melted and I knew right then and there that we are doing it right. We are raising our little girl the way we, as a family, should. There will always be learning curves, but we are raising her to our standards, with our values and that’s all that matters.


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