Hello Grouse!

History has a way of repeating itself, they say, and while it’s mostly noticeable in obvious things, like politics or fashion, it’s also often a present occurrence in daily life. Why am I talking about this, you ask? Well, here’s my little story:

Several years ago, when we were still new to the Maritime provinces, the Mr. and I were out and about for a drive, exploring our new area. We came to a fork in the road. To the left, our usual destinations. To our right, a road we’d never taken. So, right we turned. about 2 minutes into our drive, we came across a pigeon flopping around the road with a visibly broken wing. We pulled over, I got out with a bag or a towel or something along those lines, and as gently as possible, caught the pigeon and brought him home. We set him up in our sun porch in a box, cleaned his wounds, gave him food and water and hoped for the best. Well, to everyone (else’) surprise, Pidgeols made it! He eventually graduated to a box perched on the top of the porch and he spent his days hoping around the grass or walking along the roof. Eventually he began to fly, and just before winter, he flew away, never to be seen again.

This week, while working at the Little House, we decided to take a coffee break, and, since the power is currently not hooked up, that meant a little run into town. On the drive back, I commented that we’d never been up the road that forks to the right off our street, so we decided to take a little exploratory drive. About 2 minutes into our drive, we spotted a Grouse sitting on the side of the road, scruffy, but very much alive. We slowed down, and I hoped out, bag in hand. As gently as possible, caught the Grouse and brought him home. We set it up in our front porch in a box and gave it food and water.

Anyone seeing a pattern? Just in case, I italicized the similar bits 😛 Anyway, it has been several days and Lady is doing significantly better. Her(His?) wing doesn’t seem broken, but looks sore and her back is a bit raw. As of Friday, she has graduated from her box to my (well ventilated) green house so she can move around and pick around in the grass and dirt. Her balance is still a bit off, but she is far more active and lively than when we found her. When she appears to be fully better, we will take her back to the Little House and release her. There are dozens upon dozens of Grouse there, so hopefully she will feel at home.

Meet the Grouse!

The more I see this bird, the more I think it’s a male..and to add insult to injury, I named the poor thing Lady!


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