Toes in the river

I read a quote the other day that said : ” As long as you can find the river, you can find your way home” . I thought it was beautiful. Turns out it’s from The Good Dinosaur movie, but I still think it’s beautiful and so accurate to my life. I grew up by a river and now my little girl will grow up next to one!

Anyway, Wednesday Mom came to get us and took us to this little spot she and my dad found a little while ago. It’s a beautiful little spot along the same river as ours, just so much further up that it is no longer salty and so narrow and shallow it’s practically just a stream in that spot. What a little paradise!! We spent the afternoon with our toes in the water, we found frogs (and the teeniest, tiniest one too!), dragonfly nymphs, and river minnows. I love the ocean, don’t get me wrong, the fresh salty air and all the interesting seashells and sea critters, it’s great! But, the river just stirs up a whole nostalgia for me, all the familiar creatures from my childhood, the muck, the fact that my biggest worry is a leach, not a jellyfish, or a (far fetched, yet possible) shark! It was a great afternoon. The dogs swam, we played, and then we went back to Mom and Dads for ice cream and then my little love fell asleep on the drive home.  Such a great day!


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