The bridge is up!

It has been 9 months since we moved into our little homestead, five of which were solid winter and not much was getting done , and yet I am seeing so much progress. The coop and run are up, the garden is tilled, the house is coming together well..and now the bridge is up! The bridge was one of our big goals because without it, we are partially cut off from the largest part of our land and with that, most of our wood. What was in place of the bridge was a washed out section around a large cut out drum. We could still get across by walking through the stream or jumping over it when it was running low, but we could not get across on the 4 wheeler, therefore couldn’t really haul firewood back. Even if we wanted to really put our backs into it and use a small sled and pull it ourselves, it would mean going down a steep embankment, across the water, and up the steep and rough other side. No thanks.

Anyway, there’s no need for that anymore! The Mister spent several days cutting and hauling large logs to lay over the washed out area and across the old drum, then cut and lay really old 2 inch thick floor boards we had in the garage and now we have a bridge!! There is still work to do, railings to put up, some sort of protection to put on the wood and smooth off the ends where we would drive onto and off the bridge, but the most of it is done. I am so happy and proud of my Mister! His hard work has paid off beautifully!

It especially looks great from the end of our backyard when we look down into the gully through the trees and see the fresh bridge below! Have I mentioned how excited I am about this yet? 😛


Isn’t it great? What big projects do you have going on on your homestead?


Winter troubles

Today has been one of those days!! It started great..and then I turned the tap to fill the water jug to take out to the animals and…no water! What? I headed for the bathroom water. The tub…no water. UGH! My first thought was frozen pipes as they run really close to the closed porch which is nearly as cold as the outdoors. However, a few texts to hubby and tests later, we established that our water pump kicked the bucket.

The kiddo and I headed out to care for the animals, and found the rabbits water frozen solid. -.- We have a heated water dispenser for her but unfortunately the extension cord was unplugged last night and we forgot to plug it back in. My fingers are crossed that the waterer did not crack since it wasn’t full! At least Marge, our hen who has been under the weather for the last few days was still alive and even seemed a bit more lively today!

Back in the house, I’m trying to find my groove but you use water a lot more than you realize!! Funny how fast we get spoiled..I grew up without typical running water, and now I’m constantly reaching for the tap, even knowing that our water is out for the day. Luckily, we have our water dispenser that we use for drinking water( an old habit that hasn’t died yet) so we aren’t totally dry for the day. I greedily parked the kiddo in front of the tv ( I KNOWWWW shame on me!! but she’s so quiet..) while I tried trouble shooting the water. Then she was so quiet and entertained that I used the time to make a fire. And then I started a batch of spaghetti sauce. And now I’m venting in a blog post..and my kiddo is still quietly sitting there. What is this sorcery!?


6 days ’til christmas!!



A step in the right direction!

With the cold upon us and no heating set up in the ”new” house, renovations have been nearly at a standstill since we insulated the office nearly a month ago. It’s not that we can’t handle the cold, it’s simply that the temperature drops can cause condensation and ruin our best to just wait it out a bit! Anyway, in the meantime, we’ve been busy in our heads: planning colours, choosing windows, drawing up plans for the barnyard, etc. Then, today the Mister logged into facebook and had a gander at a few swap pages and came across someone selling over 350square feet of good quality, nice oak coloured flooring for 140$. A small fraction of what we would be paying for new flooring! He quickly sent a message and as it turns out, the guy lives about 2 minutes away from my mom and dad, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, and go pick up the flooring and drop in to visit my folks. I can already picture it in the living room and am so excited! Next step; windows!